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Contemporary authors I love

Ronald Daedalus Vogel : His portraits really communicate with the observer.
You can find here (on Flickr, in english, and in short) his photographic philosophy, and his photographic works.  And if you want to learn more,  translate this page from his German official site into your language!

Karine Burckel: I love the photographer, the model and the person. Her works  are charming. On Flickr (you need an account in order to see all the pics) end at her Facebook page.

Alessandro Gaziano’s Blog : portraits as Christ commanded.

Iperio : the most prolific photographer I know. A ton of beautiful female human beings, represented as frames of reality…

Nude Contemporary photography – on line expositions

Fine Nudes

Art Nudes

Nu Expo

Fine Art Nude

Real Nude Art

JanesGuide: a web-portal with a cool staff reviewing all kind of sites: from highbrow erotica and fine art nude photography to xxx hardcore. A selection of sites sorted by category, with detailed information and a sincere comment, a lot of new sites without searching for (the JanesGuide motto is: “we waste our time so you don’t have to”. Great mission)!
Here a very nice critique about my photos.

MODERN CULTURE  (italian language)

Sdrammaturgo : il mio autore contemporaneo preferito: se cominci a leggerlo, non smetterai più di seguirlo.

IL Dolce Domani : le migliori critiche cinematografiche che io abbia mai letto.

AgireOra Network: semplicemente Il network antispecista più attivo in Italia.

Responsabilità irresponsabile: una indagine sulle finalità etiche della Responsabilità Sociale d’Impresa. Un viaggio all’inferno.


Vittoria Collages

Du’ minuti e mezzo de merda – poesia vegetariana scritta e declamata da me medesimo.

Dead Natures

Gas Test